Jerry Rauenzahn (pronounced Ronzon) was born and raised in Reading, PA. As a teen, he developed a love of the game. He was fortunate to have spent approximately 10 years as a road-partner to a professional player – Jimmy Matz – now deceased.

In 1972, Jerry became frustrated and discouraged with the fact that there was no-one around to do general repairs such as rewraps, tips, etc… He bought a lathe. With his high-school knowledge of the equipment, he made a few “sneaky petes” from “house cues”. In the years to follow, he learned to machine his own shafts, and to cut in his own points.

Where as his “prime” business was “home improvements”, he worked on his cue-making during winter months.

In 1986, a serious shoulder injury abruptly halted his home-improvement business. That is when he bacame serious about a career in the pool cue business.

“Rauenzahn Cues” can be identified by the -R- on the buttplate. That insignia was first used in 1988. Before 1988, all Rauenzahn cues had a blue 1″ x 2″ paper folded under the bumper describing the cue, date of manufacture, and his signature.

Today, Jerry does extensive pantograph work, and can do customized work, which is handmade and unique to the owner of the cue.

Rauenzahn Cues 1608 Pennsylvania Ave. E. Warren, PA 16365 (814) 723-8322